About Me

I am a Full Stack Developer In Olympia, Washington


Languages I Dream in

I have primarily been in the PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS stack with a special emphasis on Wordpress. I have created countless custom themes, plugins and functions within the WP Platform. I also use CodeIgnitor for those fully custom web applications. I have also had experience with Backbone, Angular, Java, ASP, RoR, and a handful of other languages and frameworks.


Assorted Other Nerdiness

Besides code, I'm also a bit of a server and linux nerd. I have spooled up and maintained MANY Amazon EC2, RDS, and S3 servers. You know that shirt that says "Sudo get me a sandwich"? That puts me in tears laughing. I'm also a moderate Apple nerd and love my MBP and iPhone6.


How I decompress

I'm relatively new to the PacNW but absolutely love it. I'm super into cycling and building/fixing my own bikes. Woodworking has become a new hobby and i've been building some furniture successfully! And of course enjoying great meals and fun times with my wife and new son. :)


The Fruits of my Labor
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